Conference Schedule


9:30-10 – Breakfast, Coffee

10:00-10:10 – Introduction

10:10-11:30 – Panel One

Todd Barnes (Ramapo College of New Jersey), “Striking Our Debt to Moral Tragedy: Money in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar'”

Edwin Harvey (Miami University), “(Silver) Dollars: A Chartalist Iconography of Charles Willson Peale’s Mrs. Thomas McKean”

11:30-1:00 – Lunch

1:00-2:50 – Panel Two

Richard Taws (University College London), “Paris in Code: Signs of Value in Post-Revolutionary France”

Jordan Rose (University of California, Berkeley), “The Debtor’s Frockcoat”

Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby (University of California, Berkeley), “Paper, Metal and the Civil War”

2:50-3:30 – Coffee break

3:30-5:20 – Panel Three

Danny Marcus (University of California, Berkeley) and Daniel Spaulding (Yale University), “Modernism and Capitalism, a Correspondence”

Cecilia Wee (Royal College of Art), “If Information Makes Money, Does Sharing Destroy It?”

Scott Ferguson (University of South Florida), “Risking Abstraction”

5:20-6:00 – Reception

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